Hortiponics designs and installs components for edible houses, using hydroponics and aquaponics, meeting the aesthetic and vegetable need of households; and making feasible from the farm to table concepts through our hortiponics kitchen, dining side garden, edible lawns, bonsai garden for the likes of ora, bitter leaves


providing agricultural engineering solutions using agricultural engineering principles to:


RAEP is a remedial program building youths of the 21st century with the agro-skills


our agroshop allows our clients to subscribe to vegetables of their choice, make timed pre-harvest order and have them delivered through our scheduled harvesting enabled by hydroponics. It also markets other AgroVen products and permits point of sale demand.


Agromed is our online clinic where farmers report challenges on their farms and are attended to by specialists. Agromed awards research grants to undergraduates while guiding them in researching a trending plant/animal health issue.


Your go to place for edifying agronews; Agroblog is agroven’s extension officer


Take any of the following classes and become agroven certified grower or agrotechnician: attendants training, plumbing for hydroponics, soilless grower masterclass, take an online class, register for a class for an offline class; visit our digital resources.


Take the agrotour with agroven: click to visit our gallery, schedule a visit or book a class