How Design Can Improve Your Life

In a span of 18 months, after my graduation in 2018 as an agricultural engineer, I supervised 3 farms: 2 pig farms and a greenhouse hydroponics farm.

It was exciting to learn how simple concepts with huge consequences like ease of access can miss a non-engineering mind.

At each event, I recalled an edifying incidence between my siblings: Lilian, a chemist and Jide, a computer scientist.

Lilian encountered a problem while managing a website and made several attempts to fix it.

Without success, she reached out to Jide for help on our family Whatsapp group. Jide gave her some simple directives which were too simple to make sense compared with the difficulty she faced.

To confirm this wouldn’t be another waste of time, she asked for an explanation (why Jide believes his directives would solve her problem).

And Jide asked the golden question: “You want to learn in one day what I spent 5 years to learn?”

Laugh be wan kill me that day. My siblings are full of surprises.

Yes, expertise comes at a cost: years of learning, trial and error, breaking the rules and testing the water. It is, thus, highly priced but worth the investment.

If you plan for the long term; if it will matter over time, go for the best.

Our best investments compound over time to enhance productivity at minimal marginal cost or lower productivity over time at increasing maintenance and marginal cost.

I have seen some substandard projects that in the long run cost more than the initial price to maintain or redo severally.

Farm design is one thing that we often take for granted but, from my experience, matters a whole lot. If you want to build a farm, consult an agricultural engineer for proper farm design.

S/he will use the years of learning to harness environmental factors and deep knowledge of the requirements for agro-systems to your advantage and increase your productivity.

S/he has data and data makes the difference. The pay is worth the price.

At Agroven, we are committed to raising a new crop of agricultural engineers for Africa through RAEP

Joy is an agricultural engineer, a writer and editor. She writes about various issues ranging from sociopoliticoeconomic concerns, on her social media handles, to optimizing afro agropotential on Agroven website. #JGozie

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