About Us

Agriconnect Global Ventures

AGRICONNECT GLOBAL VENTURES (AGROVEN) is an agricultural technology company revolutionizing afro agro space through the utilization of indigenous data and deployment of digital technology in the area of greenhouse construction, hydroponics, aquaponics and other urban farming practices and areas of controlled environment agriculture. We create micro-farms in cities for fresh produce production and use precision agriculture to schedule harvest, reducing the huge economic losses associated with logistics from rural to urban. Currently, we provide fabrication, training, installation and consultation services in hydroponics system and management to clients while building Africa’s agrotalent reserve. 

Why we do what we do?

The future of global food security is on Africa

Unfortunately, Africa’s agricultural technology is still crude. Human resource-wise, we have the number but not the technical know-how. Agroven comes to not only champion agrotech revolution in Africa through her RAEP program but also, be the solution as the first and leading Agricultural engineering for agricultural engineering company in Nigeria.


 To be Africa’s Agrotech Centre


To provide sustainable food production processes and solution technologies for best client experience

Our Services



Hortiponics designs and installs components for edible houses.


providing agricultural engineering solutions using agricultural engineering principle


Agromed is our online clinic where farmers report challenges on their farms and are attended to by specialists.